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It's a Dog eat Dog world . . .

. . Just make sure you're the BIGGEST


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About Me

Why THC?

Team Hound Campaign was founded by Jabari Prim at the age of 25. A natural athlete, he excelled at both basketball and football before getting into the ring and developing a love for boxing. A diagnosis of severe Crohn's disease at the age of 17 derailed his hopes of playing football in college. That was the beginning of his hound days as he was left to focus on nothing but "fun".

As he continued to pursue his passion of boxing, an evolution began to take place. THC is about that evolution and growth: Starting as a hound with an (un)focus on self and fun then growing into the leader of the HOUNDZ with a focus on spiritual, financial, familial, and personal growth. It's about bringing the dog out of you in any and everything you do and learning that the mind is the key to your power. 

Jabari is here to uplift this generation and lead the next and he will do it as the leader of the Team Hound Campaign. #OTH2020 (Only The Houndz 2020)